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We would like to introduce to you our team.



Joost Dane

One look at the hands of this housepainter’s son, and you know you’re dealing with a craftsman: cabinetmaker, model maker, art handler and scooter grease monkey. Joost’s transportation of choice is a vintage Mobylette. As though being a gifted maker with an eye for aesthetics isn’t enough, he’s also a talented songster and prized member of the background choir of The Skiffle Billy Cocktail. He likes to lubricate his tobacco-roughened throat with a dose of killer caffeine brewed by one of the coffee-makers in his vast collection. Joost brings his love of engineering and connoisseur’s flair to his new favourite black drink: STOOKOLIE 010.



Silvia B.

Grandfather was a dockworker, grandmother earned more as a dressmaker for wealthy Rotterdam ladies, and father’s side boasts generations of entrepreneurs. With a genetic cocktail of grandma’s skills and father’s pioneering vigour, in the Punk era Silvia fashioned extraordinary ensembles from a medley of materials. This DIY mindset survived several half-completed degrees in Law, Art History and the combination of fashion and sculpture at art school. Meanwhile, she created a furore in the artworld, particularly with her hybrid creatures (covered in black hair, and suave in black tailoring), a side job in the funeral branch; the development and styling of a darkly sumptuous spirit fits her multidisciplinary mindset like a glove.


Han Hoogerbrugge

Descended from an illustrious family of fruit merchants and dockworkers, in the 1980s, he was in the grip of the punk movement. Although his Chop-Chop comic zine may not have been a commercial success, it was the inspiration to choose art school. His days as a starving artist toiling in the studio finally ended when the Internet era dawned, when he became a pioneer and grand master of Flash animation. His Neurotica series garnered worldwide respect and, although digital media continues to dominate his work, 3D printing has now opened up a pathway from the virtual to the material. A pathway that also includes the materialisation of a liquor of his own.


Paul van den Hout

With the Southern genes of civil engineers and coiffeurs, Paul van den Hout fell in love with rock ‘n’ roll – and the lifestyle that went with it – when just a boy. Driven by a yearning for beauty and desire to create his own productions, after art college, he switched irregularly between artist and vintage car mechanic, between record collector and guitar maker, between musician and product developer. Since then, his talents have found the perfect mix, and this hillbilly from Jesus Evil Highway, alias the Picasso of the pixel sculpture, is poised to open his own bar on Rotterdam’s Kaap, where he’ll be serving his latest product, STOOKOLIE 010.


Henny de Man

As a child, her spirit of adventure was nurtured by boat trips with her father, a rower for the port of Rotterdam, who moored and unmoored tankers. As a young woman, she traded the fairy tale lights of the petrochemical industry for those of Paris where, as a fearless district nurse, she careered full throttle through the streets of Montmartre on her trusty Mobylette. After a brief Art History course, a longer one in French, and a sailing trip around the coast of southern Europe, she set sail for her home port, Rotterdam. Where she currently combines freelance work in the cultural sector with translating from the French. Henny sees her return to the no-nonsense industrial port city anchored in her sobering role in the STOOKOLIE 010 team.


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