Choises, choises…

So what’s it gonna be?

1 – Valerio Adami 1926 60 year old scotch, sold for $1.05 million at Bonhams Whisky Sale in Edinburgh, Scotland

2 – Stookolie 010, sold for €39,90 at Rotterdam, The Netherlands


On this day in 1964 a 10th dan black belt Dutchman won the first ever Gold Medal in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, in the newly included Judo competition. All other medals were won by Japanese athletes.

History is a bitch! 

According to Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656) on this day 4004 BC the Creation of the World took place.  Accidentally it is 1001 days since the first home brew bottles of Stookolie 010 saw the light of day and 404 days since the first official bottles Stookolie 010 were bottled in the distillery.

History is a bitch!

New stuff

Holidays are coming!

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Cocktail time

Stookolie 010 Cocktail Parade

STOOKOLIE 010 gives the Cocktail aficionado a wide wide range of mixing combinations: as a spicey counterpart to tropical flavours or the intensification of strong, dry Cocktails.

Check out our Stookolie 010 cocktails and longdrinks —>   dutch / english

Indian Summer Drink

Enjoying what might be the last sunny, warm day this year… 

Handful of ice, one shot of Liquore Strega, the Italian herbal liqueur made out of a sun ray, half a bottle of Crodino, squeeze of fresh lime, top off with Stookolie 010.


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World Animal Day


single dog
walking alone on a hot sidewalk of
appears to have the power
of ten thousand gods.

why is this?

Charles Bukowski